Professor William M. Carty will give a lecture at QUALICER 2014

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“Overview of the Advanced Ceramic Industry and Potential Opportunities for the Tile Industry”

The ceramic tile industry has accumulated worldwide a huge amount of knowledge, industry potential, and human capital.  In parallel to the impressive body of knowledge within the tile industry, the advanced ceramic industry has explored the technical boundaries and limitation of ceramic materials, producing better sensors and medical diagnostic equipment, durable flow control and instrumentation systems, coatings for industry equipment, more efficient emission filters, impressively robust and efficient electronic devices, and many other applications.  Technology is giving birth to new industries and ceramic tile producers have the chance, and the challenge, to improve their products and to expand their business into new markets.

In Qualicer 2014, Professor William M. Carty, from Alfred University, one of the world’s leading ceramic technology schools, will give a lecture on the parallelisms between traditional and advanced ceramics and will point us new challenges and opportunities for our industry.