Digital Printing II – Panel debate on strategy


José Cabedo,  General Manager of ENDEKA CERAMICS, will chair a panel debate about digital printing from a strategic point of view.

The subjects to be dealt will include:

  • Digital printing, present and future.
  •  Is Spain still the world leader in inkjet technology (machinery and inks)?
  • According to machinery, ink, and ceramic tile manufacturers: How is the implementation of inkjet technology evolving worldwide?
  • Influence of the Crisis on the implementation of new technologies.
  • Does the demand for the technology still exceed the production capacity for both machinery and inks?
  • What inkjet characteristic could we highlight: cost reduction, greater added value, or product logistics?
  • Is this technology matching the decorating capacity of all ceramic tile manufacturers?
  • Will it be harder in the future to create a differentiated product?
  • Will Management in tile manufacturing companies commit to digital technology in glaze application

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