Invited Lecturers


Alfonso Panzani confirms his participation at Qualicer 2014



Alfonso Panzani, Chairman of the Ceramiche Ricchetti Group and Chairman of the CET, the European Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Federation, has accepted the proposal to participate in QUALICER 2014 by delivering an invited lecture. His lecture will address the globalisation of the ceramic industry and the antidumping measures imposed on Chinese imports and their effect on the products and services of the industry.

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Lecture : “ASCER ceramics for architecture and interior design Awards: a twelve-yeartrack record “


     Jaime Prior  Llombart 

    Chairman of the Castellón Territorial College of Architects



Ramón Monfort Salvador         

Member of the Jury from the outset     

Analysis of the repercussion that the ASCER Awards have had on the use of ceramics in Spanish and world architecture, highlighting how the mentality of architects has changed over the 12-year existence of these awards.

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Professor William M. Carty will give a lecture at QUALICER 2014

“Overview of the Advanced Ceramic Industry and Potential Opportunities for the Tile Industry”

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The ceramic tile industry has accumulated worldwide a huge amount of knowledge, industry potential, and human capital.  In parallel to the impressive body of knowledge within the tile industry, the advanced ceramic industry has explored the technical boundaries and limitation of ceramic materials, producing better sensors and medical diagnostic equipment, durable flow control and instrumentation systems, coatings for industry equipment, more efficient emission filters, impressively robust and efficient electronic devices, and many other applications.  Technology is giving birth to new industries and ceramic tile producers have the chance, and the challenge, to improve their products and to expand their business into new markets.

In Qualicer 2014, Professor William M. Carty, from Alfred University, one of the world’s leading ceramic technology schools, will give a lecture on the parallelisms between traditional and advanced ceramics and will point us new challenges and opportunities for our industry.

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Lecture: “ENAC, a partner for exporting companies from the ceramic sector”

José Luis Borrego, Head of the Department of Laboratories and Product Certification at  ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body) will deliver a conference at QUALICER 2014. jose luis borrego

Forging a path in international markets is often a challenge as in addition to competition from local businesses and economic requisites by Customs, there are technical barriers requiring products to meet a series of requirements generally associated with safety, environmental protection or quality characteristics. These are called Technical Barriers to Trade.

In order to overcome and minimise these barriers, nearly all developed countries have set up Accreditation and National Accreditation Organisations.