Digital Printing II – Panel debate on technology


Dr. Vicente Sanz Solana,  Director of the Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Cerámica ITC,  Head of the Area for Nanotechnology and Printing Technologies and Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering will direct a panel debate about digital printing technolocy and its future.

The subjects to be dealt will include:

  • Are the computer tools for image treatment appropriate?
  • Is the training of the technicians appropriate?
  • Is ink manufacture efficient?
  • Would it be possible to use new pigments that provide a greater colour space?
  • Will new materials be developed to obtain ceramic effects?
  • What are the advantages of ecological vehicles for the user?
  • Will the use of water in pigmented inks spread?
  • Can the price of the printers be reduced?
  • What is the driving force for upgrading a digital printer?
  • To what extent can the changes in the digitisation of the glazing and decoration modify the manufacturing concept?
  • Important challenges, such as inkjet glazing and effects, have been successfully addressed. What will be the next ones?

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